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(Masnavi Book 1: 06) The description of Muhammad (PBUH) in the Gospel

How honour was paid to the description of Mustafá (Mohammad), on whom be peace, which was mentioned in the Gospel..

The name of Mustafá was in the Gospel—(Mustafá) the chief of the prophets, the sea of purity.
There was mention of his (external) characteristics and appearance; there was mention of his warring and fasting and eating.
A party among the Christians, for the sake of the Divine reward, whenever (in reading the Gospel) they came to that name and discourse,

730. Would bestow kisses on that noble name and stoop their faces towards that beauteous description.
In this tribulation of which we have told, that party were secure from tribulation and dread,
Secure from the mischief of the amírs and the vizier, seeking refuge in the protection of the Name of Ahmad (Mohammed).
Their offspring also multiplied: the Light of Ahmad aided and befriended them.
And the other party among the Christians (who) were holding the Name of Ahmad in contempt,

735. They became contemptible and despised through dissensions caused by the evil counselling and evil-plotting vizier;
Moreover, their religion and their law became corrupted in consequence of the scrolls which set forth all perversely.
The Name of Ahmad gives such help as this, so that (one may judge) how his Light keeps guard (over his followers).
Since the Name of Ahmad became (to the Christians) an impregnable fortress, what then must be the Essence of that trusted Spirit?
After this irremediable bloodshed which befell through the affliction (brought upon the Christians) by the vizier,


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