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Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi was the spiritual mentor of Allama Iqbal. For Allama Iqbal's complete list of books with Urdu, Roman Urdu and English Translations and their click-able content, visit Allama Iqbal Poetry Website.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Admin
May Allah-pak accept your efforts in bringing us close to what our religion & heritage to the unaware people like me and many others.
Sher A Zulfiqar

hesham Ahmed Syed said...

Great site - God bless

Hesham Syed said...

How to subscribe to this site ? Please advise

Rumi Urdu Blog said...

'Subscribe To' option is given at left bottom side of this site. thanks

Faisal khan said...

Faqar e Ghayoor Bhai
& all friends
Try to read book Pakistan Kahani by Abdal Baila
specialy About Kashmir Page no 234 to 237

About Allama Iqbal page no 266 to 275
if u have not book I can scan & send u
Also read books of Allam Iqbal + Q u Shahab , Mumtaz mufti, Ishfaq ahmad, Wasif ali wasif, Nasim Hijazi, Abdaal bela, Talib Hashmi, etc....

Also listen lectures of Sarfraz a Shah, Irfan ul Haq (baba jee), Prof Rafiq Akhtar,
Orya Maqbool jan etc

lectures of Sarfraz a Shah ( on every Sunday
at 212 Jahanzeb Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore
lecture 11am to 12
want to meet 2 to 4 pm ( on sunday by token)


Upcoming Events: Prof.Ahmad Rafique Akhtar's Lecture in LAHORE

Date: April 29, 2012
Time Start: 04:00 PM

Venue: Aiwan-e-Iqbal,
Egerton Road, Lahore.

Topic: God, Man & Universe (Part-2)
Yours Faisal

dildansih said...

How i can Download
All Books Of Rumi...

Rumi Urdu Blog said...

Please download complete books from this link

Anonymous said...

Alhamdolillah.....i have really found a SALSABEEL....may allah shower his peace and blessings upon all who are involved in the creation of this brilliant edifice of literature...subhanallah

Unknown said...

Great Wrok, May Allah Bless You (Ameen)

Anonymous said...

Wallah if you don't know about RUMI R.A. you don't know the world's best poet and WALIULLAH

Anonymous said...

Assalamo Aleikum,
I need to read Rumi rubaiyat with Urdu translation.
Help please !!

Anonymous said...

Asalam Alacum Pakistan ke mataliq batana he.
(1) Pakistan Jis haste ki waja se munwer ho ga who female he.
(2) hazrat mehdi ke aane me sadyeean baqi hain.
(3) us haste ka talluq Pakistan Sindh se he.
(4) kise bhe din who duneea me zahir ho sekte he.
(5) UFO mystrious light and Bermuda tryangle belong to Muslims .
(6) mystrious person in medina she is only one in the world.

Dr Irfan Hyder said...

Mashallah. What an effort after!

Unknown said...

how to download a book through faqeer org only online reading is possible i want to download in pdf

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