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(Masnavi Book 1: 28) Commentary on a verse of Sanai

Commentary on the verse of Hakím (Saná’í): “In the realm of the soul are skies lording over the sky of this world. In the Way of the spirit there are lowlands and highlands, there are lofty mountains and seas.”

2035. The Unseen World has other clouds and water (than ours), it has another sky and sun.
That is not discerned save by the elect; the rest are in doubt as to a new creation.
There is rain for the sake of nurture; there is (also) rain for the sake of decay.
Marvellous is the benefit of the rain of springtime, (but) to the garden the autumnal rain is like a (consuming) fever.
That vernal (rain) makes it tenderly nurtured (flourishing), while this autumnal (rain) makes it sickly and wan.

2040. Similarly know that cold and wind and sun are at variance (produce various effects); and find the clue.
Even so in the Unseen World there are these different sorts, (consisting) in loss and gain and in profit and defraudment (damage).
This breath of the Abdál (saints) is from that (spiritual) springtide: from it there grows a green garden in heart and soul.
From their breaths there comes (is produced) in him who is fortunate the (same) effect (as that) of the spring rain on the tree.
If there be in the place a dry tree, do not deem its defect to be due to the life quickening wind.

2045. The wind did its own work and blew on: he that had a soul chose it in preference to his soul.

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