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(Masnavi Book 1: 33) The munificent Caliph

The story of the Caliph who in his time surpassed Hátim of Tayyi' in generosity and had no rival.

In former days there was a Caliph who made Hátim the slave of his liberality.

2245. He had raised high the banner of munificence and largesse, he had removed poverty and want from the world.
He was a sea of pearls, pure bounty: his largesse reached from Qáf to Qáf.
In this world of dust he was the cloud and the rain: he was the centre wherein the bounty of the Giver of all displayed itself.
His gifts caused sea and mine to quake (tremble with shame): caravan on caravan (were hastening) towards his liberality.
His gate and portal was the point to which Need turned: the fame of his munificence had gone (far and wide) into the world.

2250. Persians and Greeks, Turcomans and Arabs, were lost in amazement at his liberality and generosity.
He was the Water of Life and the Ocean of Bounty: by him both Arabs and foreigners were revived.

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