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(Masnavi Book 1: 40) “He has lost this life and the life to come”

The reason why the unblest are disappointed of both worlds, (according to the text) he has lost this life and the life to come.”

The wretched philosopher being firmly convinced that the sky is an egg and the earth like its yolk, Some one asked him how this earth remains, in the midst of this surrounding expanse of sky, Suspended in the air like a lamp, moving neither to the bottom nor to the top.

2485. The philosopher said to him, “It remains in the air because of the attraction exerted by the sky from (all) six

(The sky is) like a vault moulded (made) of lodestone: (the earth like) a suspended piece of iron remains in the middle.” Said the other, “How should the pure sky draw the dark earth to itself?
Nay, it is repelling it (the earth) from (all) six directions: hence it (the earth) remains (suspended) amidst the violent winds

(Similarly), then, because of the repulsion exerted by the hearts of the perfect (saints), the spirits of Pharaohs remain in perdition.

2490. Therefore, through being rejected by this world and by that world, these lost ones have been left without either this or that.

If you turn away your head from the (holy) servants of the Almighty, know that they are disgusted by your existence. They possess the amber: when they display it, they make the straw of your existence frenzied (with desire for it). When they conceal their amber, they quickly make your submission (to God) rebellion (against Him).
That (position which you hold in relation to them) is like the stage of animality, which is captive and subject to (the stage of)

2495. Know that the stage of humanity is subject to the power of the saints as the animal (is subject to man), O master.

Ahmad (Mohammed) in righteousness called (the people of) the whole world his servants: read (the text), Say, O My servants.

Your intellect is like the camel-driver, and you are the camel: it drives you in every direction under its bitter control.
The saints are the intellect of intellect, and (all) intellects (from the beginning) to the end are (under their control) like camels. Come now, look upon them with (profound) consideration: there is (but) one guide, and a hundred thousand souls (following

2500. What is the guide and what the camel-driver? Get you an eye that may behold the Sun!

Lo, the world has been left nailed fast in night, (while) day is waiting expectantly, depending on the sun. Here is a sun hidden in a mote, a fierce lion in the fleece of a lamb.
Here is an ocean hidden beneath straw: beware, do not step on this straw with hesitancy.

(But) a feeling of hesitancy and doubt in the heart (of the foolish) is a Divine mercy in regard to the (spiritual) guide.

2505. Every prophet came alone into this world: he was alone, and (yet) he had a hundred unseen worlds within him. By his power he enchanted the macrocosm (universe), he enfolded himself in a very small frame.
The foolish deemed him to be lonely and weak: how is he weak who has become the King's companion? The foolish said, “He is a man, nothing more”: woe to him that recks not of the end!

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