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(Masnavi Book 1: 49) The Prophet’s ﷺ injunction to Alí ؓ

How the Prophet, on whom be peace, enjoined ‘Alí—may God make his person honoured—saying, “When every one seeks to draw nigh to God by means of some kind of devotional act, do you seek the favour of God by associating with His wise and chosen servant, that you mayst be the first of all to arrive (to gain access to Him).”

The Prophet said to ‘Alí, “O ‘Alí, you art the Lion of God, you art a courageous knight,

2960. But do not even rely upon your lion-heartedness: come into the shade of the palm tree of hope. Come into the shade (protection) of the Sage whom no conveyer can carry off from the Way.
His shadow on the earth is like Mount Qáf, his spirit is (like) the Símurgh that circles (soars) exceedingly high. If I should tell of his qualities until the Resurrection, do not seek (expect) any conclusion and end to them.
The (Divine) Sun has veiled Himself in Man: apprehend (this mystery), and God knows best what is right.

2965. O ‘Alí, above all devotional acts in the Way (of God) do you choose the shadow (protection) of the servant of God. Every one took refuge in some act of devotion and discovered for themselves some means of deliverance.
Go thou, take refuge in the shadow of the Sage, that you mayst escape from the Enemy that opposes (you) in secret.

Of all acts of devotion this is the best for you: (thereby) you wilt gain precedence over every one that has outstripped (the rest).”

When the Pír has accepted you, take heed, surrender yourself (to him): go, like Moses, under the authority of Khizr.

2970. Bear patiently whatever is done by a Khizr who is without hypocrisy, in order that Khizr may not say, “Begone, this is (our) parting.

Though he stave in the boat, do not speak a word; though he kill a child, do not tear your hair.

God has declared that his (the Pír's) hand is as His own, since He gave out (the words) the Hand of God is above their hands.

The Hand of God causes him (the child) to die and (then) brings him to life. What of life? He makes him a spirit everlasting.

If any one, by rare exception, traversed this Way alone (without a Pír), he arrived (at his goal) through the help (and favour) of the hearts of the Pírs.

2975. The hand of the Pír is not withdrawn from the absent (those who are not under his authority): his hand is naught but the grasp of God.

Inasmuch as they give such a robe of honour to the absent, (what must they give their disciples?): undoubtedly the present are better than the absent.
Since they are bestowing (spiritual) food on the absent, see what bounties they must lay before one who is present. Where is one that girds himself (for service) before them to (i.e. how far superior is he to) one that is outside the door? When you have chosen your Pír, be not faint-hearted, be not weak as water and crumbly as earth.

2980. If you art enraged by every blow, then how wilt you become a (clear) mirror without being polished?

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