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(Masnavi Book 1: 52) The man who knocked at his friend’s door and, on being asked who he was, answered, “‘Tis I”

The story of the person who knocked at a friend's door: his friend from within asked who he was: he said, “It is I,” and the friend answered, Since you art thou, I will not open the door: I know not any friend that is ‘I.’”

A certain man came and knocked at a friend's door: his friend asked him, “Who art thou, O trusty one?”

He answered,I. The friend said, “Begone, It is not the time (for you to come in): at a table like this there is no place for the raw.”
Save the fire of absence and separation, who (what) will cook the raw one? Who (what) will deliver him from hypocrisy? The wretched man went away, and for a year in travel (and) in separation from his friend he was burned with sparks of fire.

3060. That burned one was cooked: then he returned and again paced to and fro beside the house of his comrade. He knocked at the door with a hundred fears and respects, lest any disrespectful word might escape from his lips. His friend called to him, Who is at the door?” He answered, “It is you art at the door, O charmer of hearts.” Now,” said the friend, “since you art I, come in, O myself: there is not room in the house for two I's.
The double end of thread is not for the needle: inasmuch as you art single, come into this needle.”

3065. It is the thread that is connected with the needle: the eye of the needle is not suitable for the camel. How should the existence (body) of the camel be fined down save by the shears of ascetic exercises and works?
For that, O reader, the hand (power) of God is necessary, for it is the Be, and it was (bringer into existence) of every
(seemingly) impossible thing.

By His hand every impossible thing is made possible; by fear of Him every unruly one is made quiet.

What of the man blind from birth and the leper? Even the dead is made living by the spell of the Almighty,

3070. And that non-existence which is more dead than the dead— non-existence is compelled (to obey) when He calls it into being.

Recite (the text), Every day He is (engaged) in some affair: do not deem Him idle and inactive. His least act, every day, is that He despatches three armies:
One army from the loins (of the fathers) towards the mothers, in order that the plant may grow in the womb;

One army from the wombs to the Earth, that the world may be filled with male and female;

3075. One army from the Earth (to what is) beyond death, that every one may behold the beauty of (good) works. This discourse has no end. Come, hasen (back) to those two sincere and devoted friends.

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