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(Masnavi Book 1: 61) Iblis the originator of analogical reasoning applied to the Word of God

The first to bring analogical reasoning to bear against the Revealed Text was Iblís.

The first person who produced these paltry analogies in the presence of the Lights of God was Iblís. He said, “Beyond doubt fire is superior to earth: I am of fire, and he (Adam) is of dingy earth.
Let us, then, judge by comparing the secondary with its principal: he is of darkness, I of radiant light.”

God said, “Nay, but on the contrary there shall be no relationships : asceticism and piety shall be the (sole) avenue to pre- eminence.”

3400. This is not the heritage of the fleeting world, so that you shouldst gain it by ties of relationship: It is a spiritual

Nay, these things are the heritage of the prophets; the inheritors of these are the spirits of the devout.

The son of Bú Jahl became a true believer for all to see; the son of Noah became one of those who lost the way.

The child of earth (Adam) became illumined like the moon; you art the child of fire: get you gone with your face black (in disgrace)!”

The wise man has made (use of) such reasonings and investigation on a cloudy day or at night for the sake of (finding) the

3405. But with the sun and with the Ka‘ba before your face, do not seek to reason and investigate in this manner.

Do not pretend that you cannot see the Ka‘ba, do not avert your face from it because you have reasoned (that it is not to be seen). God knows best what is right.

When you hear a pipe from the Bird of God, you commit its outward (meaning) to memory, like a lesson,

And then from yourself (out of your own head) you make some analogies: you make (what is) mere fancy into a (thing of)
substance (reality).

The Abdál have certain mystical expressions of which the doctrines (of external religion) are ignorant.

3410. You have learned the birds' language by the sound (alone), you have kindled (invented) a hundred analogies and a hundred caprices.

The hearts (of the saints) are wounded by you, as the invalid (was hurt by the deaf man), (while) the deaf man became intoxicated (overjoyed) with the vain notion of success.

The writer of the Revelation, from (hearing) the Bird's voice, supposed that he was the Bird's equal: The Bird flapped a wing and blinded him: lo, it plunged him in the abyss of death and bale. Beware! do not ye also, (beguiled) by a reflexion or an opinion, fall from the dignities of Heaven!

3415. Although ye are Hárút and Márút and superior to all (the angels) on the terrace of We are they that stand in ranks, (Yet) take mercy on the wickednesses of the wicked: do not cleave to egoism and selfconceit.
Beware, lest (the Divine) jealousy come from ambush and ye fall headlong to the bottom of the earth.”

They both said, “O God, Yours is the command: without your security (protection) where indeed is any security?”

They were saying that, but their hearts were throbbing (with desire)—“How should evil come from us? Good servants (of God)
are we!”

3420. The prick of desire in the two angels did not leave (them) until it sowed the seed of self-conceit.

Then they were saying, “O ye that are composed of the (four) elements (and are) unacquainted with the purity of the spiritual beings,

We will draw curtains (of light) over this (terrestrial) sky, we will come to earth and set up the canopy, We will deal justice and perform worship and every night we will fly up again to Heaven,
That we may become the wonder of the world, that we may establish safety and security on the earth.”

3425. The analogy between the state of Heaven and (that of) the earth is inexact: it has a concealed difference.

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