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(Masnavi Book 2: 03) The fool who entreated Jesus ؑ to bring some bones to life

How the companion of Jesus, on whom be peace, entreated Jesus, on whom be peace, to give life to the bones.

A certain foolish person accompanied Jesus (on his way). He espied some bones in a deep-dug hole. He said, “O companion, (teach me) that exalted Name by which you makest the dead to live;
Teach (it) me, that I may do good and by means of it endow the bones with life.”

Jesus said, “Be silent, for that is not your work: It is not meet for your breath and speech,

145. For it wants breath purer than rain and more piercing in action than the angels.

(Many) lifetimes were needed that the breath might be purified, so that he (its owner) was entrusted with the treasury of the

(Suppose that) you have grasped this rod firmly in your hand: whence will accrue to your hand the cunning of Moses?” He said, If I am not one to pronounce (such sacred) mysteries, do you pronounce the Name over the bones.”
Jesus cried, “O Lord, what are these hidden purposes (of Yours)? What is (the meaning of) this fool's inclination (to engage) in this fruitless work?
150. How has this sick man no care for himself? How has this corpse no care for (spiritual) life?

He has left (uncared for) his own dead (soul) and seeks to mend (revive) the dead (bones) of a stranger.”

God (answered and) said, “The backslider seeks backsliding: the thistle that has grown (in him) is the retribution for
(consequence of) his sowing.”

He that sows the seed of thistles in the world, be warned not to look for him in the rose-garden.

If he take a rose in his hand, it becomes a thistle; and if he go to a friend, he (the friend) becomes a snake.

155. The damned wretch is an elixir which transmutes into poison and snakes; (his elixir is)

contrary to the elixir of the God-fearing man.

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