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(Masnavi Book 2: 29) Muhammad’s ﷺ visit to the sick Companion

How Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, went to visit the sick Companion; and an exposition of the profit of visiting the sick.

A notable amongst the Companions (of Mohammed) fell ill, and in that illness of his became (thin) as a thread. Mustafá went to visit him, since his (Mustafá's) nature was all kindness and generosity.
There is profit in your visiting the sick: the profit thereof is returning to you again.

The first profit is that the sick person may perchance be a Qutb and a glorious (spiritual) king;

2145. And if he be not a Qutb, he may be a friend of the (Súfí) Way; if he be not the king, he may be the cavalier of the host.

Deem it, then, incumbent (on you) to attach yourselves to the friends of the Way, whosoever it may be, and whether (he be) footman or rider.
And if he be a foe (to you), still this kindness is good, for by kindness many a foe has been made a friend; And though he do not become a friend, his enmity is lessened, because kindness becomes the balm for enmity. There are many profits besides these, but I am afraid of being tedious, good friend.

2150. The gist (of the matter) is this: be the friend of the whole community (of Súfís): like the idol-maker, carve a friend out of the stone,

Because the throng and multitude of a caravan will break the backs and spears of the highwaymen.

Inasmuch as you have not the heart's two eyes, O contumacious man, so that you cannot distinguish firewood from aloes- wood,

(You may despair of finding the true friend of God; but) since there exists a treasure in the world, do not grieve: deem no ruined place empty of treasure.

Betake yourself to every dervish at random, and when you find the mark (of the true saint), frequent (him) assiduously.

2155. As the inward-seeing eye was not (granted) to you, think always (that) the treasure (may be) in everybody.

How the high God revealed to Moses, on whom be peace, (the words), “Wherefore didst not you visit Me in sickness?”

To Moses there came from God this reproach: “O you who have seen the rising of the moon from your bosom, you whom I have illumined with the Divine Light! I am God, I fell sick, you camest not.”
Moses said, “O you transcendent in your glory, you art clear of loss (defect). What mystery is this? Explain this, O Lord!

God said unto him again, “Wherefore in My sickness didst not you kindly ask after Me?

2160. He answered, “O Lord, you have no imperfection. (My) understanding is lost: unfold (the meaning of) these words.” God said, “Yea; a favourite and chosen slave (of Mine) fell sick. I am he. Consider well!
His excusability (infirmity) is My excusability, his sickness is My sickness.” Whoever wishes to sit with God, let him sit in the presence of the saints.
If you are broken off (divided) from the presence of the saints, you are in perdition, because you are a part without the whole.

2165. Whomsoever the Devil cuts off from the noble (saints), he finds him without any one (to help him), and he devours his head.

To go for one moment a single span apart from the community (of saints) is (a result of) the Devil's guile. Hearken, and know (it) well.

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