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(Masnavi Book 2: 44) The Ghuzz Turcomans and the two villagers

How the Ghuzz set about killing one man in order that another might be terrorised.

Those blood-shedding (murderous) Ghuzz Turcomans came, and entered a village (on a raid) for plunder. They found two of the notables of that village, and made (ready in) has to put one (of the two) to death. They tied his hands in order to sacrifice (kill) him. He said, “O princes and high pillars (of the empire),
For what reason are ye seeking to slay me? Wherefore, pray, are ye thirsting after my blood?

3050. What is the wisdom, what is the object, in killing me, when I am so poor and bare-bodied?”

He (one of the Ghuzz) replied, “To strike awe into this friend of yours, so that he may be afraid and produce (his) gold.”

He (the man) said, Why, he is poorer than I. “He has done it (made himself out to be poor) on purpose,” replied the other; “he has gold.”

He (the man) said, Since it is (a matter of) opinion, we are both the same: we are (equally) exposed to (mere) probability and doubt.

Kill him first, O princes, in order that I may be afraid and point out the way to the gold.”

3055. See, then, the loving kindnesses of God, in that we have come (into the world) in the latter days, at the very end.

The last epoch is in front of the (other) epochs: in the Traditions of the Prophet is (the saying)—“(We are) the last (in time), the foremost (in excellence).”

In order that the destruction of the people of Noah and the people of Húd might display to our souls the proclaimer of (Divine) Mercy (who calls us to repentance),

He (God) slew them, that we might fear Him; and if indeed He had done contrariwise, alas for you!

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