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(Masnavi Book 2: 46) The self-conceit and ingratitude shown by the worldly towards the Prophets and Saints

Explaining the state of those who are self-conceited and unthankful for the blessing of the existence of the prophets and saints—peace be unto them!

Whosoever of them (the proclaimers of Divine Mercy) has spoken of fault and sin, and of a heart like stone, and of a black soul;

3060. And of holding light His commands, and of being free from care for His To-morrow; And of being, like women, enslaved to the fleshly soul by passion and by love of this vile world;
And of fleeing from the pungent sayings of sincere counselors, and of shrinking from the countenance of the righteous; (And of) estrangement from the spirit and spiritual folk, (and of) fraud and fox-like behaviour towards the (spiritual) kings;
(And of) thinking the fully satisfied (saints) to be (greedy) beggars, (and of) secretly regarding them with enmity (arising) from envy

3065. If he (such a saintly man as has been described) accept anything, you say he is a beggar; and if not, you say it is
(from) hypocrisy and deceit and guile.

If he mix (in society), you say he is covetous; and if not, you say he is excessively given to pride;

Or you hypocritically excuse yourself, saying, “I am held back (by what I have to do) in maintaining my wife and children.

Neither have I leisure to scratch my head, nor have I leisure to cultivate religion.

O so-and-so, remember me in your benedictions*, that in the end I may become one of the saints.”

3070. These words he does not even speak from (true) passion and ardour; (it is as though) a drowsy man muttered some idle talk and went to sleep again.

(He says), I cannot help feeding my family: I strain every nerve to earn a lawful livelihood.”

How lawful, O you that have become one of the lost? I deem nothing lawful but (to shed) your blood.

He can do without God, but not without food; he can do without the Religion, but not without the idols.

O you that canst not refrain your self from this vile world, how canst you refrain yourself from Him who spread the earth as a carpet?

3075. O you that canst not refrain yourself from delight and luxury, how canst you refrain yourself from the Bountiful God? O you that canst not refrain yourself from aught pure or foul, how canst you refrain yourself from Him who created this?
Where is (one like) the Friend (of God)*, who came forth from the cave (of idolatry), and said, This is my Lord (as ye assert). Take heed! Where is the Maker (of all)?”—
(One who shall say), “I will not look at the two worlds until I see to whom these two assembly-places (really) belong. If I eat bread without the view of God's attributes, it will stick in my throat.”

3080. How should a morsel digest without the sight of Him, without the view of His roses and rose-garden? Save in hope of God, who but an ox or ass would for one moment drink from this pond?
(Who but) he that was like the cattle, nay, more lost?though (indeed) that stinkard is full of cunning. His cunning went headlong (to ruin), and he went headlong: he passed a little while, and his day set.
His brain became dull, his mind doting: his life is gone—and like (the letter) alif he has nothing.

3085. (As for) his saying, I am thinking about it”—that too is only (part) of the deceit of the fleshly soul; And (as for) his saying, “He (God) is forgiving and merciful” —that is naught but a trick of the villainous flesh.
O you that art dead with anxiety because your hands are empty of bread, what is this fear, since He is forgiving and merciful?

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