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(Masnavi Book 2: 48) The boy who was afraid of an effeminate man

Timet puer quidam hominem corpulentum. “Ne timueris,” inquit, “O puer; ego enim vir non sum.”

3155. Juvenis robustus puerum deprehendit solum. Palluit timore puer ne forte homo impetum faceret.

Securus esto,” inquit, “mi pulcher; tu enim super me eris.

Etiamsi terribilis (aspectu) sum, scito me impotentem esse ad coitum: me sicut camelum conscende, propelle.” (With) the appearance of men and the reality like this— Adam without, the accursed Devil within—
O you that are big as the people of ‘Ád, you resemble the drum against which a branch was beaten by the wind.

3160. A fox abandoned his prey for the sake of a drum like a wind-filled leathern bag,

(But) when he found no (real) fatness in the drum, he said, “A hog is better than this empty bag.”

Foxes are afraid of the noise of the drum; (but) the wise man beats it ever so much, saying, “Speak not!”

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