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(Masnavi Book 2: 57) The miracles of a dervish who was accused of theft

The miracles of the dervish who was suspected of theft in a ship.

A dervish was in a ship: he had made a bolster (for himself) from the goods of saintly fortitude.

A purse of gold was lost. He was asleep (at the time). They searched all (in the ship) and brought him also to view

3480. Saying, Let us search this sleeping mendicant as well.” (So) the owner of the money, (excited) by grief, awakened him.

A bag of valuables,” said he, “has been lost in this ship. We have searched the whole company: you cannot escape (suspicion).
Put off your dervish-cloak, strip yourself of it, in order that the people's suspicions may be cleared away from you.” He cried, “O Lord, these vile wretches have made an accusation against your slave: bring your command to pass!” When the heart of the dervish was pained by that (suspicion), at once there put forth their heads on every side

3485. From the deep sea myriads of fishes, and in the mouth of each (was) a superb pearl:

Myriads of fishes out of the full sea, each with a pearl in its mouth—and what (marvellous) pearls!—

Every pearl the revenue of a kingdom. “These,” they said (to him), “are from God, they have no association (with any one but God).”
He dropped a quantity of pearls on the ship and sprang (aloft): he made the air his high-seat and sate (thereon), (Resting) at ease, cross-legged, as kings upon their thrones— he above the zenith, and the ship before him.

3490. He said, “Begone! The ship for you, God for me, so that a beggarly thief may not be with you!

Let us see who will be the loser* by this separation! I am pleased, (being) paired (united) with God and singled (isolated) from (His) creatures.

He does not accuse me of theft, He does not hand me over to (the mercy of) an informer.”

The people in the ship cried out, “O noble chief, wherefore has such a high estate been given to you?

He answered, “For throwing suspicion on dervishes and offending God on account of a despicable thing (as ye have done)!

3495. God forbid! Nay, (it was) for showing reverence to (the spiritual) kings, inasmuch as I did not conceive ill thoughts against dervishes—

Those gracious dervishes of sweet breath (pure spirit), for whose magnification (the chapter of the Qur’án entitled) Abasa was revealed.”

That dervishhood is not for the sake of (avoiding) entanglement (with the world); no, (it is) because nothing exists but God. How should I hold in suspicion those whom God has entrusted with the treasury of the Seventh Heaven?
The fleshly soul is suspect, not the sublime Reason: the senses are suspect, not the subtle Light.

3500. The fleshly soul is a sophist: beat it constantly, for beating does it good, not arguing with it.

It sees a miracle (wrought by a prophet), and at the moment it glows (with belief); (but) afterwards it says, “It was (only) a phantasy;

For if that wondrous sight had been real, then it would have been abiding, day and night, in the eye.” It is abiding in the eyes of the pure, (but) it does not haunt* the eyes of animals (sensual men);
For the miracle is ashamed and scornful of these (bodily) senses: how should a peacock be (confined) in a narrow pit?

3505. Take heed not to call me garrulous: I say (only) one in a hundred, and that (one) like a hair.

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