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(Masnavi Book 3: 13) The Braggart who pretended that he had dined well

How a braggart greased his lips and moustache every morning with the skin of a fat sheep's tail and came amongst his companions, saying, “I have eaten such and such (viands).

A person, who (on account of his poverty) was lightly esteemed, used to grease his moustaches every morning
And go amongst the munificent (the rich), saying, I have eaten some wellgreased food at the party.”
He would gaily put his hand on his moustache as a sign, meaning, “Look at my moustache!

735. For this is the witness to the truth of my words, and this is the token of my eating greasy and delicious food.”
His belly would say in soundless (mute) response, May God destroy the plots of the liars! Thy boasting has set me on fire: may that greasy moustache of yours be torn out!
Were it not for your foul boasting, O beggar, some generous man would have taken pity on me; And if you hadst shown the ailment and hadst not played false, some physician would have prepared a remedy for it.”

740. God has said, “Do not move ear or tail crookedly: their veracity shall profit the veracious.
Ne recurvatus in antro dormiveris, O tu qui passus es nocturnam pollutionem: reveal that which
you have, and act straight;
Or if you tell not your fault, at least refrain from (idle) talk: do not kill yourself by ostentation and trickery.
If you have got any money, do not open your mouth: there are touchstones on the Way,
And for the touchstones too there are tests concerning their own (inward) states.

745. God has said, From birth unto death they are tried every year twice.
There is test upon test, O father: beware, do not (be ready to) buy yourself at the smallest test.

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