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(Masnavi Book 3: 36) The Donkey of Uzayr

How by permission of God the particles of the ass (donkey) of Uzayr were assembled after putrefaction and recompounded before the eyes of ‘Uzayr.

“Hey, Uzayr, look upon yours ass (donkey) which has rotted and crumbled beside you. We will collect its parts in your presenceits head and tail and ears and legs.”

1765. There is no (visible) hand, and (yet) He is putting the parts together and giving a unitedness to the (scattered) pieces.
Consider the art of a Tailor who sews old rags (together) without a needle:
No thread or needle at the time of sewing; He sews in such wise that no seam is visible.
“Open yours eyes and behold the resurrection plainly, that there may not remain in you doubt concerning the Day of Judgement,
And that you mayst behold My unitive power entire, so that at the time of death you wilt not
tremble with anxiety,

1770. Even as at the time of sleep you art secure from (have no fear of) the passing of all the bodily senses:
At the time of sleep you do not tremble for your senses, though they become scattered and

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