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(Masnavi Book 3: 38) The Blind Man who regained his sight when he read the Qur’án

Story of the blind old man's reading the Qur’án in front (of him) and regaining his sight when he read.

1835. Once upon a time a dervish Shaykh saw a Qur’án in the house of a blind old man. He became his guest in (the month) Tamúz: the two ascetics were together for several days. He said (to himself), Oh, I wonder what the Book is (here) for, as this righteous dervish is blind.”

(Whilst he was occupied) in this reflection, his perplexity increased: (he said to himself), “No one lives here except him.
He is alone, (and yet) he has hung a Book (on the wall). I am not (so) unmannerly or muddled
(in my wits)

1840. As to ask (him the reason). Nay, hush! I will be patient, in order that by patience I may gain my object.”
He showed patience and was in a quandary for some time, (till at last) it (the secret) was disclosed, for patience is the key to joy (relief).

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