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(Masnavi Book 3: 59) Miracles wrought by the Prophet ﷺ on the same occasion

How he (the Prophet) miraculously filled the slave's water-skin with water from the Unseen World and made the face of that negro slave white by permission of God most High.

O slave, now behold your water-skin full (of water), that you mayst not say (anything) good or bad in complaint.”
The negro was astounded at his (the Prophet's) evidentiary miracle: his faith was dawning from
(the world of) non-spatiality.

3165. He saw that a fountain had begun to pour from the air (of yonder world) and that his water-skin had become a veil to the emanation of that (fountain).
The veils also were rent by that (illumined) sight (of his), so that he distinctly beheld the fountain of the Unseen.
Thereupon the slave's eyes were filled with tears: he forgot his master and his dwelling-place.
Strength failed him to go on his way: God cast a mighty commotion into his soul.
Then again he (the Prophet) drew him back for (his) good, saying, Come to yourself; return, O
you who wilt gain advantage (by doing so).

3170. It is not the time for bewilderment: bewilderment is in front of thee; just now advance on your way briskly and speedily.”
He (the slave) laid the hands of Mustafá (Mohammed) on his face and gave (them) many loving kisses.
Then Mustafá rubbed his blessed hand on his (the slave's) face and made it fortunate.
That Abyssinian negro became white as the full moon, and his night turned into bright day.
He became a Joseph in beauty and in coquetry: he (the Prophet) said to him, “Now go home and relate what has befallen you.

3175. He was going along, without head or foot, intoxicated (with ecstasy): in going he knew not foot from hand.
Then from the neighbourhood of the caravan he came hastening with two full water-skins to his master.

How the master saw his slave white and did not recognise him and said, You have killed my slave: the murder has found you out, and God has thrown you into my hands.

The master espied him from afar and remained bewildered: from amazement he called (to his presence) the people of the village.
This, said he, “is my water-skin and my camel: where, then, is my swartbrowed slave gone? This man coming from afar is (like) a full-moon: the light from his countenance strikes upon (and prevails against) the daylight.

3180. Where is my slave? Perchance he has lost his way, or a wolf has overtaken him and he has been killed.”
When he came before him, he (the master) said, Who art thou? Art you a native of Yemen or a
Tell (me), what have you done to my slave? Speak the truth! If you have killed him, declare it! Do not seek evasion.”
He replied, “If I have killed him, how have I come to thee? How have I come with my own feet into this blood?”
(He asked again), “Where is my slave? He (the slave) said, “Lo, I am (he): the hand of God's
grace has made me resplendent.”

3185. “Eh, what art you saying? Where is my slave? Hark, you wilt not escape from me except by (telling) the truth.”
He (the slave) said, I will relate all your secret dealings with that slave, one by one;
I will relate what has passed (between us) from the time when you didst purchase me until now, That you mayst know I am the same in (my spiritual) existence, though a (bright) dawn has
opened forth from my night-hued (body).
The colour is changed; but the pure spirit is free from colour and from the (four) elements and the dust.”

3190. They that know the body (alone) soon lose us; (but) they that quaff the (spiritual)
water abandon the (bodily) water-skin and jar.
They that know the spirit are free from numbers (plurality): they are sunk in the Sea that is without quality or quantity.
Become spirit and know spirit by means of spirit: become the friend of vision (clairvoyant), not
the child of ratiocination.
Forasmuch as the Angel is one in origin with Intelligence, (and) they have (only) become two
(different) forms for the sake of (the Divine) Wisdom—
The Angel assumed wings and pinions like a bird, while this Intelligence left wings (behind) and assumed (immaterial) splendour—

3195. Necessarily both became co-adjutors: both the beauteous ones became a support to one another.
The Angel as well as the Intelligence is a finder of God: each of the twain is a helper and worshipper of Adam.
The Flesh (nafs) and the Devil have (also) been (essentially) one from the first, and have been an enemy and envier of Adam.
He that regarded Adam as a body fled (from him in disdain), while he that regarded (him as) the
trusty Light bowed (in worship).
Those two (the Angel and the Intelligence) were (made) clairvoyant by this (Adam), while the eye of these two (the Flesh and the Devil) saw nothing but clay.

3200. This discourse is now left (floundering) like an ass on the ice, since it is not fitting to recite the Gospel to Jews.
How can one speak of Umar to Shí‘ites? How can one play a lute before the deaf?
But if there is any one (hidden) in a nook in the village, the hue and cry that I have raised is enough.
To him that is worthy to (hear) the exposition, stones and brickbats become an articulate and well-grounded exponent.

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