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(Masnavi Book 3: 61) The Baby that bore witness to the Prophet ﷺ

How the unbelieving woman came to Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, with a sucking babe, and how it spoke, like Jesus, of the miracles of the Prophet, God bless and save him!

3220. A woman of the same village, one of the unbelievers, ran to the Prophet for the sake of testing (him).
She came in to the Prophet, (her face covered) with the veil: the woman had a two months old infant in her lap.
The child said, “God give peace unto you, O Messenger of Allah! We have come to you.” Its mother said to it angrily, Hey, be silent! Who put this testimony into yours ear?
Who taught you this, O little child, so that your tongue became fluent in infancy?”

3225. It replied, God taught (me), then Gabriel: I am Gabriel's accompanist in (this)
She said, Where (is Gabriel)? It replied, “Above your head: do not you see? Turn yours eye aloft.
Gabriel is standing above you: to me he has become a guide in a hundred diverse ways.”
She said, “Dost you see (him)? “Yes, it replied; “(I see him) shining above you like a perfect full-moon.
He is teaching me the qualities of the Prophet and delivering me by means of that sublimity from
this degradation.”

3230. Then said the Prophet to it (the infant), O sucking child, what is your name? Say (it)
forth and comply (with my request).
“‘Abdul-‘Azíz,said the child, “is my name with God; (but) ‘Abd-i ‘Uzzá with this handful of reprobates.
I am clear and free and quit of ‘Uzzá, (I swear it) by the truth of Him who gave you this
The two months old child, (illumined) like the full-moon, pronounced the discourse of an adult, as those who occupy the seat of honour.
Then at that instant arrived balm from Paradise, so that the brain of child and mother drew in the scent.

3235. Both (of them) were saying, “For fear of falling (from that high estate), it is best to surrender one's soul to the scent of this balm.
As for that one whom God endows with knowledge, things inanimate and growing (living) utter a hundred expressions of belief in him.
As for that one whom God protects, birds and fish become his guardians.

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