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(Masnavi Book 3: 84) How the mountains joined in the song of David

Commentary on (the text), O ye mountains, repeat (the praise of God) in accord with him, and the birds (likewise).

The face of David shone with His glory: the mountains sang plaintively after him.
The mountain became an accompanist to David: both the minstrels (were) drunken in love for a

4270. Came the (Divine) command, O ye mountains, repeat (the praise of God): both joined their voices and kept the tune together.
He (God) said, O David, you have suffered separation: for My sake you have parted from yours intimates.”
O lonely stranger who have become friendless, from whose heart the fire of longing has flamed
You desirest minstrels and singers and boon-companions: the Eternal One brings the mountains unto you.
He makes (them) minstrels and singers and pipers: He makes the mountain blow in measure
before you,

4275. To the end that you mayst know that, since the mountain is permitted to sing, the saint (likewise) has plaintive songs (uttered) without lips or teeth.
The melody of the particles of that pure-bodied one is reaching his sensuous ear every moment. His companions hear it not, (but) he hears (it): oh, happy is the soul that believes in his hidden
He (the saint) beholds a hundred discourses in himself, while his companion has gotten no scent
(perception thereof).
Within your heart a hundred questions and a hundred answers are coming from (the realm of)
non-spatiality to your dwelling-place.

4280. You hearest (them); the ears (of another) do not hear (them), (even) if he bring his ear nigh to you.
O deaf man, I grant that truly you hearest them not; (but) since you have seen their (external)
emblem, how wilt not you believe?

Reply to him who rails at the Mathnawi on account of his being deficient in understanding.

O railing cur, you are bow-wowing and practising evasion for the purpose of railing at the Qur’an. This is not such a lion that you will save your life from it or carry off your faith (secure) from the claws of its vengeance.

The Qur’an is proclaiming till the Resurrection- O people devoted to ignorance,

4285. Who were deeming me to be an idle tale and were sowing the seed of raillery and infidelity,
(Now) ye yourselves have seen (the truth of) what ye were scoffing at, (namely), that ye were perishable and idle tale.
I am the Word of God and subsistent through the (Divine) Essence; I am the Food of the soul of the soul. And (I am) the Jacinth of purity.
I am the Sunlight that has fallen upon you, but I have not become separate from the Sun.
Lo, I am the Fountain of the Water of Life, that I may deliver the lovers (of God) from death.

4290. If your greed had not raised such a stench, God would have poured a draught (of that
Water) on your graves.”
Nay; I will accept the rede and counsel of the Sage (of Ghazna): I will not let my heart be sickened (wounded) by every taunt.

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