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(Masnavi Book 4: 10) The building of the Farther Mosque (the Temple of Solomon)

Story of the Farther Mosque and the carob and how, before (the reign of) Solomon, on whom be peace, David, on whom be peace, resolved on building that Mosque.

When David's resolve that he would build the Farther Mosque with stone came to sore straits, God made a Revelation to him, saying, Proclaim the abandonment of this (enterprise), for (the building of) this place will not be achieved by your hand.

390. It is not in Our fore-ordainment that you shouldst raise this Farther Mosque, O chosen one.”
He said,O Knower of the secret, what is my crime, that You forbiddest me to construct the
He (God) said, Without (committing) a crime, you have wrought much bloodshed: you have taken upon your neck (art responsible for) the blood of (many) persons who have suffered injustice;
For from (hearing) your voice a countless multitude gave up the ghost and fell a prey to it (thy
Much blood has gone to the score of (is chargeable to) your voice, to your beautiful soul-ravishing song.”

395. He (David) said,I was overpowered by Thee, drunken with Thee: my hand (power) was tied up by Thy hand.

Was not every one that was overpowered by the King the object of (His) mercy? Was not he
(excused on the ground that) The overpowered is like the non-existent’?
He (God) said, This overpowered man is that non-existent one who is only relatively non- existent. Have sure faith!
Such a non-existent one who has gone from himself (become selfless) is the best of beings, and the great (one among them).
He has passed away (faná) in relation to (the passing away of his attributes in) the Divine attributes, (but) in passing away (from selfhood) he really has the life everlasting (baqá).

400. All spirits are under his governance; all bodies too are in his control.
He that is overpowered (overwhelmed) in Our grace is not compelled; nay, he is one who freely chooses devotion (to Us).”
In sooth the end of free-will is that his free-will should be lost here.
The free agent would feel no savour (spiritual delight) if at last he did not become entirely purged of egoism.
If there is delicious food and drink in the world, (yet) his pleasure (in them) is (only) a branch of
(derived from) the extinction of (worldly) pleasure.

405. Although he was unaffected by (worldly) pleasures, (yet) he was a man of (spiritual)
pleasure and became the recipient of (that) pleasure.

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