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(Masnavi Book 4: 45) The wise, the half-wise, and the foolish

The marks of the wholly intelligent and the half-intelligent and the whole man and the half-man and the deluded worthless wretch doomed to perdition.

The intelligent man is he who has the lamp: he is the guide and leader of the caravan.
That leader is one who goes after his own light: that selfless traveller is the follower of himself.

2190. He is the one that puts faith in himself; and do ye too put faith in the light on which his soul has browsed.
The other, who is the half-intelligent, deems an (entirely) intelligent person to be his eye,
And has clutched him as the blind man clutches the guide, so that through him he has become seeing and active and illustrious.
But (as for) the ass who had not a single barley-corn's weight of intelligence, who possessed no
intelligence himself and forsook the intelligent (guide),
(Who) knows neither much nor little of the way (and yet) disdains to go behind the guide,

2195. He is journeying in a long wilderness, now limping in despair and now (advancing) at a run.
He has neither a candle, that he should make it his leader, nor half a candle, that he should beg a light.
He has neither (perfect) intelligence, that he should breathe the breath of the living, nor has he a half-intelligence, that he should make himself dead.
He (the half-intelligent one) becomes wholly dead in (devotion to) the man of (perfect)
intelligence, that he may ascend from his own low place to the (lofty) roof.
(If) you have not perfect intelligence, make yourself dead under the protection of an intelligent man whose words are living.

2200. He (the man devoid of intelligence) is not living, that he should breathe in accord with (a) Jesus, nor is he dead, that he should become a channel for the (life-giving) breath of (a) Jesus.
His blind spirit is stepping in every direction: it will not escape in the end, but it is leaping up.

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