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(Masnavi Book 4: 51) The World’s assault on the Unseen

How the people of this world attack the people of that (other) world and charge
(against them) as far as the frontier, namely, generation and propagation, which is

the boundary of the Unseen, and how they (the people of this world) are unaware of the ambush (prepared for them); for the infidel makes his assault (only) when the holy warrior does not go to war.

The army of the corporeal ones attacked in the direction of the fortress and stronghold of the spiritual ones,
In order that they might occupy the frontier-pass of the Unseen, so that no pure spirit should come (into the world) from that quarter.
When the holy warriors do not attack in warfare, the infidels on the contrary deliver an attack.
When the holy warriors of the Unseen in their forbearance refrained from delivering an attack on you, man of evil practice,

2445. You madest an attack towards the frontier-passes of the Unseen, in order that the men of the Unseen should not come in this direction.
You didst lay a (violent) hand upon the loins and wombs, that you might’st wickedly occupy
(close) the thoroughfare (of sexual intercourse).
How should’st you occupy (close) the highway which the Almighty has opened for the purpose of procreation?
You didst block the passes, O contumacious one, (but) in despite of you a captain issued forth.
Lo, I am the captain: I will break your power. Lo, in His name I will break your name and fame.

2450. Come now, close the passes tightly! Laugh at your moustache (be the dupe of your vainglory) a (little) while!
The Divine decree will tear out your moustache piecemeal, that you mayst know that the Decree makes precaution blind.
Is your moustache fiercer than that of (the people of) ‘Ád, at whose breath (all) the lands used to
Art you more contentious in aspect or (the tribe of) Thamúd, the like of whom never came into existence?
Though I tell (you) a hundred of these (proofs), you art deaf: you hearest and pretendest not
to have heard.

2455. I repent of the words which I raised up: (now), without words, I have mixed for you a medicine
Which I will place upon your raw sore, that it may be assuaged, or that your sore and your beard may be burnt (destroyed entirely) unto everlasting,
To the end that you mayst know that He is omniscient, O enemy: He gives to everything that which befits it.
When have you done wrong and when have you wrought evil but you have seen (suffered) the effect befitting it?
When have you once sent a good deed to Heaven but the like thereof has followed after?

2460. If you wilt be observant and vigilant, you wilt see at every moment the response to your action.
When you art observant and do grasp the cord (of apprehension), you needest not the coming of the Resurrection (to reveal the ultimate effects).
He that truly knows (the meaning of) an indication does not need to have it plainly declared to
This tribulation befalls you from (your) stupidity in not understanding the subtle hints and indications.
When your heart has been blackened and darkened by wickedness, understand! One ought not to become besotted here;

2465. Otherwise, in sooth, that darkness will become an arrow (of woe), and the penalty of
(your) besottedness will overtake you.
And if the arrow come not, it is from (God's) bounty; not because of (His) not seeing the defilement (of your sin).
Hark, be observant if you wouldst have a (pure) heart, for something is born to you in consequence of every action.
And if you have an aspiration greater than this, (and if) the enterprise goes beyond (the spiritual rank of) the observant,

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