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(Masnavi Book 4: 59) The Prophet ﷺ and the Arab Chiefs

How the Amírs of the Arabs wrangled with Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, saying, “Share the kingdom with us, in order that there may be no contention”; and how Mustafá, on whom be peace, answered and said, I am commanded (by God) in respect of this Amírate; and the arguments on both sides.

The Amírs of the Arabs assembled and began to wrangle in the Prophet's presence,

2780. Saying, “You art an Amír; every one of us is an Amír likewise: distribute this kingdom and take your share.
Each (of us) is seeking equity in regard to his share: do you wash your hands of our share.” He replied, “God has given the Amírate to me: He has given me the chief authority and the absolute command,
Saying, This is the epoch and cycle of Ahmad (Mohammed): hark, accept his command! Have
fear (of God)!’”
The party (of Amírs) said to him, We too are (made) rulers by that (Divine) destiny, and God has given the Amírate to us.”

2785. He said, (Yes), but to me God gave it as a possession, and to you (only) as a loan for the sake of (furnishing you with) provisions for the road.
My Amírate is lasting till the Resurrection; the Amírate held on loan will be shattered.”
The (opposing) party said, O Amír, do not say too much (about this): what is your argument for seeking more (than your share)?”
Forthwith, by the bitter command (of God), a cloud arose; (then) came the torrent: the
countryside was filled (with the flood).
The exceedingly frightful torrent set its face towards the town: the townsfolk (were) making loud lamentation, all (were) terrified.

2790. The Prophet said, “Now the time is come for the test, in order that opinion may become ocular vision.”
Each Amír flung his lance (into the flood), that in the test it might become a barrier against the
Then Mustafá (Mohammed) cast his wand upon it—that sovereign wand that reduced (his foes)
to helplessness.
The rapid water of the boiling tameless torrent swept away the lances like a bit of straw.
All the lances disappeared, while that wand stood on the surface of the water like a sentry.

2795. From anxious regard for that wand the mighty torrent turned its face away, and the flood-water departed.
When they beheld that great matter wrought by him, those Amírs, (overcome) by dread, confessed—
Save three persons, whose rancour was prevailing: they, from disbelief, called him a magician and soothsayer.
The kingship that has been tied on (artificially) is weak like that; the kingship that has grown up
(naturally) is august like this.
If you didst not see the lances together with the wand, (yet) consider the names of them (the
Amírs) and consider the name of him (Mohammed), O noble one!

2800. Their names the rapid torrent of death has borne away; his name and his puissant fortune are not dead.
For him the drum is always beaten five times (daily): on this wise every day till the Day of
If you have intelligence, (you wilt see that) I have done kindnesses; and if you art an ass, I
have brought the rod for the ass.
I will turn you out of this stable in such wise that I will make your ears and head bloody with
(blows of) the rod.
In this stable asses and men are getting no quarter from your oppression.

2805. Lo, I have brought the rod, for correction's sake, for every ass that is not approved. It will become a dragon in subduing you, for you have become a dragon in (your) deeds and disposition.

You art a mountain-dragon without mercy; but look at the dragon of Heaven!
This rod comes as a taste (sample) from Hell, saying, ‘Ho! take refuge in the Light;
Else you wilt be left helpless in my teeth: there will be no escape for you through my passes.’

2810. This was a rod; it is now a dragon, to the end that you mayst not say, ‘Where is God's

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