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(Masnavi Book 4: 63) Why Moses was loved by God

How God made a revelation to Moses, on whom be peace, saying, O Moses, I who am the exalted Creator love you.

God spoke to Moses by inspiration of the heart, saying,O chosen one, I love you.”
He (Moses) said, O Bountiful One, (tell me) what disposition (in me) is the cause of that, in order that I may augment it.”
He (God) said, You art like a child in the presence of its mother: when she chastises it, it still
lays hold of her.
It does not even know that there is any one in the world except her: it is both afflicted with headache (sorrow) by her and intoxicated (with joy) by her.

2925. If its mother give it a slap, still it comes to its mother and clings to her. It does not seek help from any one but her: she is all its evil and its good.
Thy heart, likewise, in good or evil (plight) never turns from Me to other quarters.
In your sight all besides Me are as stones and clods, whether (they be) boys or youths or old men.”
Just as you we worship in yearning entreaty, (so) in tribulation we ask help of none but Thee.

2930. This you we worship is (used) idiomatically for the purpose of (expressing)
appropriation, and that (appropriation) is for the purpose of negating hypocrisy.
Of you we ask help also is for the purpose of appropriation: he (who recites these words)
appropriates and restricts the asking of help,
Meaning, “We perform worship to you alone; we have hope of help from you alone.

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