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(Masnavi Book 4: 78) The spiritual Evolution of Man

The diverse modes and stages of the nature of Man from the beginning.

First he came into the clime (world) of inorganic things, and from the state of inorganic things he passed into the vegetable state.
(Many) years he lived in the vegetable state and did not remember the inorganic state because of the opposition (between them);
And when he passed from the vegetable into the animal state, the vegetable state was not remembered by him at all,

3640. Save only for the inclination which he has towards that (state), especially in the season of spring and sweet herbs—
Like the inclination of babes towards their mothers: it (the babe) does not know the secret of its desire for being suckled;
(Or) like the excessive inclination of every novice towards the noble spiritual Elder, whose fortune is young (and flourishing).
The particular intelligence of this (disciple) is derived from that Universal Intelligence: the motion
of this shadow is derived from that Rose-bough.
His (the disciple's) shadow disappears at last in him (the Master); then he knows the secret of his inclination and search and seeking.

3645. How should the shadow of the other's (the disciple's) bough move, O fortunate one, if this Tree move not?
Again, the Creator, whom you knowest, was leading him (Man) from the animal (state) towards
Thus did he advance from clime to clime (from one world of being to another), till he has now become intelligent and wise and mighty.
He has no remembrance of his former intelligences (souls); from this (human) intelligence also there is a migration to be made by him,
That he may escape from this intelligence full of greed and self-seeking and may behold a hundred thousand intelligences most marvellous.

3650. Though he fell asleep and became oblivious of the past, how should they leave him in that self-forgetfulness?
From that sleep they will bring him back again to wakefulness, that he may mock at his (present)

Saying, “What was that sorrow I was suffering in my sleep? How did I forget the states of truth
(the real experiences)?
How did not I know that that sorrow and disease is the effect of sleep and is illusion and phantasy?”
Even so this world, which is the sleeper's dream: the sleeper fancies that it is really enduring,

3655. Till on a sudden there shall rise the dawn of Death and he shall be delivered from the darkness of opinion and falsehood.
(Then) laughter at those sorrows of his will take possession of him when he sees his permanent
abode and dwelling-place.
Everything good or evil that you seest in your sleep will be made manifest, one by one, on the
Day of the (Last) Congregation.
That which you didst in this sleep in the (present) world will become evident to you at the time of awaking.
Take care not to imagine that this (which you have done) is (only) an evil action committed in this (state of) sleep and that there is no interpretation (thereof) for you.

3660. Nay, this laughter (of yours) will be tears and moans on the Day of interpretation, O
oppressor of the captive!
Know that in the hour of your awakening your tears and grief and sorrow and lamentation will turn to joy.
O you that have torn the coat of (many) Josephs, you wilt arise from this heavy slumber (in the form of) a wolf.
Thy (evil) dispositions, one by one, having become wolves will tear your limbs in wrath.
According to (the law of) retaliation, the blood (shed by thee) will not sleep (remain unavenged)
after your death: do not say,I shall die and obtain release.”

3665. This immediate retaliation (which is exacted in the present world) is (only) a makeshift:
in comparison with the blow of that (future) retaliation this is a (mere) play.
God has called the present world a play because this penalty is a play in comparison with that penalty.
This penalty is a means of allaying war and civil strife: that one is like a castration, while this one
resembles a circumcision.

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