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(Masnavi Book 1: 54) Noah ؑ as the God-man

How Noah, on whom be peace, threatened his people, saying, “Do not struggle with me, for I am (only) a veil: ye are really struggling with God (who is) within this (veil), O God-forsaken men!”

Noah said, “O ye headstrong ones, I am not I: I am dead to the (animal) soul, I am living through the Soul of souls.

3125. Inasmuch as I am dead to the senses of the father of mankind (human sense perceptions), God has become my hearing and perception and sight.

Since I am not I, this breath (of mine) is from Him: in the presence of this breath if any one breathes (a word) he is an infidel.” In the form of this fox there is the lion: It is not fitting to advance boldly towards this fox.
Unless you believe in him from his exterior aspect (accept him in the form in which he appears), you wilt not hear from him the lions' roar.

If Noah had not been the Eternal Lion, why should he have cast a whole world into confusion?

3130. He was hundreds of thousands of lions in a single body; he was like fire, and the world (like) a stack. Forasmuch as the stack neglected (to pay) the tithe due to him, he launched such a flame against that stack. Whosoever in the presence of this hidden Lion opens his mouth disrespectfully, like the wolf,
That Lion will tear him to pieces, as (he tore) the wolf, and will recite to him (the text) So we took vengeance upon them.

He will suffer blows, like the wolf, from the Lion's paw: foolish is he that waxed bold in the presence of the Lion.

3135. Would that those blows fell upon the body, so that it might be that (the sinner's) faith and heart would be safe! My power is broken (fails me) on reaching this point: how can I declare this mystery?
Make little of your bellies, like that fox: do not play fox's tricks in His presence.
Lay the whole of your “we” and I” before Him: the kingdom is His kingdom: give the kingdom to Him. When ye become poor (selfless) in the right Way, verily the Lion and the Lion's prey are yours,

3140. Because He is holy, and Glory is His attribute: He has no need of good things and kernel or rind. Every prize and every gift of grace that exists is for the sake of the servants of that King (God).
The King has no desire (for anything): He has made all this empire for His creatures. Happy is he that knew!

Of what use should the possession of empires be to Him who created (all) empire and the two worlds?

In the presence of His Glory keep close watch over your hearts, lest ye be put to shame by thinking evil.

3145. For He sees conscience and thought and quest (desire) as (plainly) as a thread of hair in pure milk.

He whose clear breast has become devoid of (any) image (impression) has become a mirror for the impressions of the Invisible.

He becomes intuitively and undoubtingly aware of our inmost thought, because the true believer is the mirror of the true believer.

When he rubs our (spiritual) poverty on the touchstone, then he knows the difference between faith and doubt.

When his soul becomes the touchstone of the coin, then he will see (distinguish) the (true) heart and the false money (of hypocrisy).

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