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(Masnavi Book 1: 55) Why the Sufís who know God are seated in front of kings

How kings seat in front of them the Súfís who know God, in order that their eyes may be illumined by (seeing) them.

3150. Such is the custom of kings: you will have heard of this, if you remember.

The paladins stand on their left hand, because the heart (the seat of courage) is fixed on the left side (of the body).

On the right hand are the chancellor and the secretaries, because the science of writing and book-keeping belongs (in practice) to this hand.

They give the Súfís the place in front of their countenance, for they (the Súfís) are a mirror for the soul, and better than a mirror,

(Since) they have polished their breasts (hearts) in commemoration (of God) and meditation, that the heart's mirror may receive the virgin (original) image.

3155. Whoever is born beautiful from the loins of Creation, a mirror must be placed before him.

The beauteous face is in love with the mirror: it (such a face) is a polisher of the soul and (a kindler) of the fear of God in (men's) hearts.

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