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(Masnavi Book 2: 32) The novice who built a new house


A novice one day built a new house; the Pír came (and) saw his house.

The Shaykh said to his new disciple—he put to the test him that had good thoughts—

Wherefore have you made a window, O comrade?” Said he, In order that light may come in by this way.”

2230. He (the Shaykh) said, “That is (only) the branch (secondary object); (your) want (desire) must be this, (namely) that through this channel you mayst hear the call to prayer.”

Báyazíd, on his journey (to the Ka‘ba), sought much to find some one that was the Khizr of his time.

He espied an old man with a stature (bent) like the new moon; he saw in him the majesty and (lofty) speech of (holy) men; His eyes sightless, and his heart (illumined) as the sun: like an elephant dreaming of Hindustán.
With closed eyes, asleep, he beholds a hundred delights; when he opens (his eyes), he sees not those (delights)—oh, (it is)

2235. Many a wonder is made manifest in sleep: in sleep the heart becomes a window.

One that is awake and dreams fair dreams, he is the knower (of God): smear your eyes with his dust.

He (Báyazíd) sat down before him and asked about his condition; he found him to be a dervish and also a family man.

He (the old man) said, “Whither art you bound, O Báyazíd? To what place wouldst you take the baggage of travel in a strange land?”

Báyazíd answered,I start for the Ka‘ba at daybreak.” “Eh,” cried the other, “what have you as provisions for the road?”

2240. “I have two hundred silver dirhems,” said he; “look, (they are) tied fast in the corner of my cloak.”

He said, “Make a circuit round me seven times, and reckon this (to be) better than the circumambulation (of the Ka‘ba) in the pilgrimage;

And lay those dirhems before me, O generous one. Know that you have made the greater pilgrimage and that your desire has been achieved;

(That) you have (also) performed the lesser pilgrimage and gained the life everlasting; (that) you have become pure (f) and sped up (the Hill of) Purity (Safá).

By the truth of the Truth (God) whom your soul has seen, (I swear) that He has chosen me above His House.

2245. Albeit the Ka‘ba is the House of His religious service, my form too, in which I was created, is the House of His inmost consciousness.

Never since God made the Ka‘ba has He gone into it, and none but the Living (God) has ever gone into this House (of mine). When you have seen me, you have seen God: you have circled round the Ka‘ba of Sincerity.
To serve me is to obey and glorify God: beware you think not that God is separate from me.

Open yours eyes well and look on me, that you mayst behold the Light of God in man.”

2250. Báyazíd gave heed to those mystic sayings, and put them in his ear as a golden ring.

Through him (the old man), Báyazíd came into an increase (of spiritual endowment): the adept at last attained unto the end.

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