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(Masnavi Book 2: 33) Dalqak and the Sayyid-i Ajall

How Dalqak excused himself to the Sayyid-i Ajall (who asked him) why he had married a harlot.

One night the Sayyid-i Ajall said to Dalqak, “You have married a harlot in hase.

You ought to have disclosed this (matter) to me, so that we might have made a chaste (woman) your wife.”

2335. Dalqak replied, I have (already) married nine chaste and virtuous women: they became harlots, and I wasted away with grief.

I married this harlot without (previous) acquaintance (with her), in order to see how this one (also) would turn out in the end. Often have I tried (sound) intelligence; henceforth I will seek a nursery for insanity.”

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