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(Masnavi Book 3: 03) Bilal's mispronunciation in chanting the call to prayer

Explaining that in the sight of the Beloved a fault committed by lovers is better than the correctness of strangers.

The veracious Bilál in (uttering) the call to prayer used, from ardent feeling, to pronounce hayya
as hayya,
So that they (some people) said, O Messenger (of God), this fault is not right (permissible) now when it is the beginning of the edifice (of Islam).
O Prophet and Messenger of the Creator, get a muezzin who speaks more correctly.

175. At the commencement of religion and piety, it is a disgrace to mispronounce hayy ‘ala ’l- faláh.
The Prophet's wrath boiled up, and he gave one or two indications of the hidden favours (which
God had bestowed upon Bilál),
Saying, O base men, in God's sight the (mispronounced) hayy of Bilál is better than a hundred
há's and khá's and words and phrases.
Do not stir me to anger, lest I divulge your secret—(both) your end and your beginning.” If you have not a sweet breath in prayer, go and beg a prayer from the pure (in heart).

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