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(Masnavi Book 3: 04) Moses instructed by God how he should pray

How God most High commanded Moses, on whom be peace, saying, “Call unto Me with a mouth with which you have not sinned.

180. He (God) said,O Moses, beseech Me for protection with a mouth you have not sinned withal.
Moses said, I have not such a mouth. God said, “Call unto Me by the mouth of others.
When didst you sin by the mouth of others? Invoke (God) by the mouth of others, crying, O God!”
Act in such wise that (their) mouths may pray for you in the nights and days.
Ask pardon by a mouth with which you have committed no sin—and that will be the mouth of others—

185. Or (else) make yours own mouth pure, make your spirit alert and nimble. Praise of God is pure: when purity has come, defilement packs and goes out. Contraries flee from contraries: night flees when the light (of dawn) shines forth.
When the pure (holy) Name comes into the mouth, neither impurity remains nor (any) sorrows.

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