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(Masnavi Book 3: 26) The answer of Zayd to his assailant

1380 A certain man slapped Zayd on the neck; he (Zayd) at once rushed at him with warlike purpose.
The assailant said, I will ask you a question, so answer me (first) and then strike me.
I struck the nape of your neck, and there was the sound of a slap: at this point I have a question
(to ask thee) in concord:
Was this sound caused by my hand or by the nape of your neck, O pride of the noble?” He (Zayd) said, “On account of the pain I have no leisure to stop (occupy myself) in this reflection and consideration.

1385. Do thou, who art without pain, ponder on this; he that feels the pain has no such thought. Take heed!”

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