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(Masnavi Book 3: 27) The Companions of the Prophet ﷺ and the Qur’án


Amongst the Companions (of the Prophet) there was scarcely any one that knew the Qur’án by heart, though their souls had a great desire (to commit it to memory),
Because, inasmuch as its kernel had filled (them) and had reached maturity, the rinds became very thin and burst.
Similarly, the shells of the walnut and the pistachio-nut and the almond when the kernel has
filled them, the rind decreases.
(When) the kernel, knowledge, increases, its rind decreases (and vanishes), because the lover is consumed by his beloved.

1390. Since the quality of being sought is the opposite of seeking, the Revelation and the flashing of the (Divine) Light consume the prophet with burning.
When the Attributes of the Eternal have shone forth, then the mantle of temporality is burned.
Every one that knew a quarter of the Qur’án by heart was hearing from the Companions (the words), “Great is he amongst us.”
To combine the (outward) form with such a deep (inner) meaning is not possible, except on the
part of a mighty (spiritual) king.
In such (mystical) intoxication (as his) the observance of due respect (to the letter of the Qur’án)
will not be there at all; or if it be, it is a wonder.

1395. To observe humility in (the state of spiritual) independence is to combine two opposites, like round and long.”
Truly the staff is loved by the blind; the (inwardly) blind man himself is a coffer (full) of the
He (a certain one) said, In sooth the blind are coffers full of the words of the Qur’án and commemoration (of God) and warning.”
Again, a coffer full of the Qurán is better than he that is (like) an empty coffer in the hand.
Yet again, the coffer that is empty of (any) load is better than the coffer that is full of mice and snakes.

1400. The sum (of the matter is this): when a man has attained to union, the go between becomes worthless to him.

Since you have reached the object of your search, O elegant one, the search for knowledge has now become evil.
Since you have mounted to the roofs of Heaven, it would be futile to seek a ladder.
After (having attained to) felicity, the way (that leads) to felicity is worthless except for the sake of helping and teaching others.
The shining mirror, which has become clear and perfect ’twould be folly to apply a burnisher
(to it).

1405. Seated happily beside the Sultan (and) in favour (with him) —’twould be disgraceful to seek letter and messenger.

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