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(Masnavi Book 4: 54) "Speak ye unto men according to the measure of their understandings"

[Explanation of the Tradition, Speak ye unto men according to the measure of their understandings, not according to the measure of your understandings, so that God and His messenger may not be given the lie.”]

Since my business happens to be with a child, I must accordingly speak the language suited to children,
Saying, ‘Go to school, that I may buy a bird for you or bring (home) raisins and walnuts and pistachio nuts.

You knowest only the youth of the body: take this youthfulness: take the barley, O ass!

2580. No wrinkle will fall upon your face: your fortunate youthfulness will remain fresh. Neither will the witheredness of old age come over your countenance, nor will your cypress-like figure. be (bent) double;
Nor will the strength of youth vanish from you, nor in your teeth will there be decay or pain;
Nec libido et fututio et coitus maritalis adeo deficient ut feminis taedium sit propter languorem tuum.
The glory of youth will be opened to you in such wise as the good tidings brought byUksha
opened (to him) the door (of Paradise).

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